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REVIEW: The Moment

Jennifer Jason Leigh is strong and totally believable as a war correspondent suffering from post-traumatic stress alongside motherly guilt after choosing career over her only  child, played by Alia Shawkat. That’s just about the only thing that’s clear-cut in this film.

It begins with Leigh’s character, Lee, showing up at the home of an ex (Martin Henderson) to retrieve her camera, only to find him missing and the  house in complete disarray, with flies covering an uneaten meal.  Was he killed? Is he just missing? Meat Loaf plays a cop who aims to find out.  It’s infuriating that we never do find out what happened. This is a total WTF  with  repetitive and sometimes disjoined  flashbacks. Making things more confusing, Henderson plays two roles: the missing ex and a fellow patient at a psychiatric treatment facilty where Lee ends  up , after she’s convinced she killed her ex-love. Marianne Jean-Baptiste plays her shrink.

There’s nothing to fault in the acting.  It’s just  the story is left up to us to resolve. In the end, I felt cheated. Movies deserve an ending!!!!


2-and-a-half stars


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