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REVIEW: Life Of Crime

REVIEW: Life Of Crime

From the author who gave us “Out Of Sight”,  this  set in the 70’s twisty crime caper  has a solid cast with Oscar nominee John Hawkes and  Yasiin Bey ( Mos Def) as kidnappers who nab the wife (Jennifer Aniston) of a corrupt real estate developer (a bloated Tim Robbins) who’s having an affair with an even more corrupt Isla Fisher (who steals the movie). Will Forte  is also a hoot as a “family friend” who’s out to seduce Aniston’s Mickey.

Jennifer  Aniston is just meh and is the weak link in an otherwise strong  cast. She’s overpowered by the much stronger personalities  surrounding  her. 

Like “American Hustle”, the fashion  & furnishings  are spot on .   But director/screenwriter Daniel Schechter is no David O. Russell.   It lacks the  quick snap that made “American Hustle” so much  fun.


2 stars


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